Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Devil Comics Review | The Flash Season 3 [2017] Flashpoint | Savitar

Following the death of his father Henry Allen by Zoom, Barry Allen travels back through time to save his mother from the Reverse Flash. Season 3 will open one year after the events of the Season 2 finale where Barry is with both his parents and Wally West is the Flash. Barry brought the Reverse Flash to the present and imprisoned him. Kid Flash takes on another speedster called the Rival with the help of Barry. Rival injures Wally and his father Detective Joe West kills him while Barry suffers the consequences of changing time. He decides to set things right again and frees the Reverse Flash to restore the original timeline. However the restoration creates a new timeline. 

Barry returns to the present in a new timeline where Arrow’s Diggle has a son instead of a daughter, Iris and her father are not speaking, Cisco resents Barry for not going back in time and save his brother Dante, Catlin Snow has new Metahuman powers, and Rival has returned thanks to Doctor Alchemy who plans to prepare the world for restoration. 

Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse Quick return from Earth 2. Barry deals with Magenta who plans on dropping an oil tanker onto of a hospital. Jesse helps deal with the oil tanker while Barry stops Magenta and Jesse finally gets a Flash costume. 

Star Labs finds other Harrison Wells from various Earths while Mirror Master arrives looking for Cold Master. Mirror Master breaks out the Top from Iron Heights and Flash gets trapped inside of a mirror. Caitlin Snow helps Barry free himself from the mirror and stop Mirror Master while Jesse Quick stops the Top. 

After capturing Shade, Flash decides to use Wally as bait for Alchemy however encounters Savitar, the God of Speed. Wally is imprisoned in a cocoon while Barry fights Savitar. Both Vibe and Killer Frost save the Flash from Savitar while Killer Frost tracks Alchemy to remove her powers. Wally breaks from his cocoon and gains powers of a speedster. Barry is forced to quit Central City CSI by Julian Albert who is really Doctor Alchemy.

The Philospher’s Stone gave humans powers and Savitar is the first Metahuman with speed. Barry goes to Earth 2 and asks for Jay Garrick for help against Savitar who sends Alchemy to prepare for his arrival. Alchemy is the future Flash who was defeated by the future Barry Allen. Jay Garrick and Barry decide to throw the Philospher’s Stone into the Speed Force which sends Barry into the future where he sees Savitar kill Iris. 

Barry attempts to change the future by going back there to find out everything that has happened that leads to Savitar killing Iris. They discover the upcoming Gorilla attack, Killer Frost still at large, and the Star Labs Museum closes. The Flash team begins changing the future by having Kid Flash capture the villain Plunder instead of Barry. Gypsy arrives to take back Harrison Wells back to Earth 19 however she loses her battle with Cisco so he remains on Earth 1. Jesse Quick arrives from Earth 2 revealing her father Harrison Wells is kidnapped by Grodd and taken to Gorilla City. 

Flash, Killer Frost, and Vibe search for Harrison Wells on Earth 2 near Gorilla City. Barry believes if he can save Wells and prevent the Gorilla Attack on Central City he will be one step closer to saving Iris. They are captured by Grodd and Wells is under his control. Grodd wants Flash to defeat his King Solovar to stop the attack on Central City. Flash challenges Solovar to a fight and defeats him. However the fight puts Grodd in charge of Solovar’s army and he uses Gypsy’s powers to travel to Central City on Earth 1. 

Grodd and his Gorilla army arrives on Earth-1 as Flash, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick attempt to stop them. Vibe asks Gypsy for help and together they bring Solovar to challenge Grodd's rule. He is defeated by Solovar and imprisoned by ARGUS while Kid Flash faces Savitar. 

Kid Flash gets visions of Savitar who is within the Speed Force however needs the Philosopher’s Stone to free himself. The last piece of the Philosopher’s Stone is with Catlin Snow who kept it to cure her of the Killer Frost persona. Wally West steals the last piece and throws it into the Speed Force freeing Savitar while pulling himself into it. Now Savitar is free while Wally is trapped within the Speed Force. Barry travels into the Speed Force and encounters Eddie Thawne who is the physical manifestation of the Speed Force. The Speed Force holds Barry responsible for Flashpoint however allows him to retrieve Wally after confronting the Time Wraiths the enforcers within the Speed Force. Barry also faces Ronnie Raymond and the Black Flash. Captain Cold arrives and reveals Wally is stuck in an endless loop. The Earth 2 Flash arrives and saves both Barry and Wally but Jay Garrick takes Wally's place within the Speed Force. Back on Earth Jesse Quick takes on Savitar and travels to Earth 3 to take Jay Garrick's place as the Flash. 

Aba Kadabra arrives from the 64th century looting tech companies and knows everything about Barry, Iris, and Savitar. Gypsy arrives from Earth 19 to take him back for crimes committed on her planet but Barry needs the answers on how to save Iris from Savitar. Aba Kadabra is captured and wants to be released in exchange for the identity of Savitar. He escapes with the help of Detective Joe West but Aba Kadabra cannot escape until he builds a time machine to take him back to the 64th century. Team Flash stops him with the help of Gypsy and he is taken to Earth 19. Barry decides he must travel to the future to find answers while Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost after sustaining injuries from Aba Kadabra. 

Barry travels into the future to find his future self only to discover he doesn't know who Savitar really is. Killer Frost took Cisco's hands so he cannot vibe anymore, Wally West is paralyzed after his battle with Savitar, and Joe West is mourning his daughter Iris. Barry reunites Team Flash and together they stop both the Top and Mirror Master in 2024. The Future Flash gives Barry information on how to trap Savitar in the Speed Force with the help of a physicist Tracy Brand. In the present Savitar reveals himself to Killer Frost who joins him to bring down Team Flash. 

Savitar is a future time remnant created by Barry to defeat him. The time remnant travels to the past and builds his legacy to become Savitar. The Team Flash removes Barry's memories which removes Savitar's memories. Now Killer Frost arrives to restore Barry's memories with the help of the Team Flash. 

Tracy Brand discovers how to trap Savitar within the Speed Force however she needs more energy than in the sun. Team Flash uses the power source from the Invasion to power the Speed Force cannon to stop Savitar. The cannon fails and Savitar kills Iris West however it was H.R. who died in her place. Now Team Flash must stop Savitar and save Killer Frost before he spreads himself throughout time and becomes a God. Team Flash stops Savitar and he is erased from the timeline. Jay Garrick is freed from the Speed Force but Barry Allen needs to take his place. 


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