Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Superman – Action Comics [2017] Men of Steel

Superman and Superboy travel to the Amazon to find the recently transported building belonging to Geneticron who were responsible for creating Doomsday. They return to Metropolis after Lex Luthor is targeted by L'Call the Godslayer who holds him responsible for replacing Darkseid and wreaking havoc on Earth’s future. Superman takes on Zade while Godslayer reveals Luthor's future sins. Godslayer and Zade take Luthor away for judgment. Superman uses a portal within the Geneticron building to teleport him to where Godslayer took Luthor. 

Superman arrives on the planet where Luthor was taken and confronts the Godslayer who reveals the Parademons of Apokolips came to take their young for their armies. After Godslayer fought back Darkseid arrives and murders his family. Godslayer believes Luthor is walking the same path especially with the Mother Box the followers of Apokolips gave him. 

Superman and Luthor escape using the Mother Box to create a Boom Tube however it is interrupted and they are confronted by the Godslayer. Back on Earth, Lois and Jonathan meet Clark Kent. Both Superman and Lex Luthor take on the Godslayer and Zade. Superman convinces the Godslayer to look into his future instead of Luthor’s. The Godslayer reveals Superman will always be there to stop Luthor. 


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