Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Batman [2016] I Am Suicide

After I am Gotham and the Night of the Monster Men, Batman decides to find Psycho Pirate who is being used by Bane as therapy. Batman needs the Psycho Pirate to help Gotham Girl. But first he needs to build a team out of Arkham Asylum patients including the Ventriloquist, Bronze Tiger, Punch, and Catwoman to get the Psycho Pirate away from Bane. Catwoman has murdered 237 registered members of the Dogs of War terrorist group who were responsible for destroying her orphanage.

Batman arrives in Santa Prisca but is captured and imprisoned by Bane. He frees himself and unites with Catwoman to retrieve the Psycho Pirate. However Catwoman betrays Batman who finds himself kneeling in front of Bane. 

Batman takes down Bane and Scarface captures the Psycho Pirate. Batman leaves giving Bane a choice to be at peace. However Bane wants Venom so he can go after Batman and the Psycho Pirate leading to the “I am Bane” story arc. Overall the series is fairly weak and predictable as we head towards the next chapter. 

Both Batman and Catwoman has one night together before she is sent back to prison. They fight various villains and find a stolen artifact from a leased apartment which was signed by Holly Robinson. Batman discovers Catwoman did not commit the murders she is accused of but rather her apprentice Holly Robinson.


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