Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Archie: Volume 3 [2017] Mark Waid

After Hiram Lodge lost the mayoral race, Veronica and her family moves far away from Archie to a boarding school in Switzerland where she meets Cheryl Blossom.  Veronica unwittingly was involved in a prank against a fellow student on her birthday. Instead of sending her to a party, she was sent to the city dump. Veronica was blamed for being cruel while Cheryl targets Archie next. However Veronica gets her revenge on Cheryl by sending her to Paris instead of the party she is hosting in Switzerland. Both Cherry Blossom and Jason Blossom head towards Riverdale to target Veronica’s friends including Archie. Cherry spoils Archie with gifts and finally meets him as Veronica arrives just in time back to Riverdale.


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