Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Justice League of America [2017] Road to Rebirth

Following Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, a new group of leader is forged under Batman who brings the toughest team together. Professor Ray Palmer meets Ryan Choi and together they work to discover the Microverse as the Atom. Mari McCabe embraces her heritage to become Vixen. Ray Terrill is allergic to sunlight however becomes the hero the Ray. Following the events of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, Batman requested Killer Frost to be released and join his Justice League of America however Amanda Waller has other plans. She transfers Killer Frost with another inmate Heatstroke to tempt her into killing. But Killer Frost resists and she finally joins Batman. Batman creates a new Justice League of America consisting of mortals and not gods. The team is Batman, Black Canary, Lobo, Atom, Ray, and Vixen. Mortals that ordinary people can aspire to.


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