Thursday, May 11, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Riverdale Season 1 [2017] Who Killed Jason Blossom?

The tragic death of Jason Blossom the brother of Cheryl Blossom on the Fourth of July brings the Riverdale residents to the forefront as everyone becomes a suspect. Jason Blossom’s body was found with a bullet in the head and he was killed a week after he disappeared. Jason was dating Betty’s sister Polly who had a nervous breakdown. Archie who was having an affair with his music teacher heard the gunshot that killed Jason.

Archie’s father and Veronica’s mother dated when they were younger. Betty’s mother discovers Archie is having an affair with his music teacher. Polly was pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby and put into a home until she escapes and lives with the Blossom's. 

We discover Jason's killer is his own father who has been dealing heroin instead of maple syrup. Cheryl burns down the family home, Jughead gets transferred to another school, and Archie's father is shot at Pop's. 


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