Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Agents of Shield Season 4 [2017] Ghost Rider

The new Ghost Rider is introduced as Robbie Reyes who believes his origin is tied into a lab in Pasadena and a mysterious book called the Darkhold. The spectral creatures are also looking for the book so they can become human again. Agent Melinda May was effected by the spectral creatures which has driven her mad so they shut down her heart and bring her back again. The new director of Shield Jeffery Mace is an Inhuman who reveals Shield is back to the general public after extremists group the Watchdogs cause blackouts around cities to target Inhumans. Agent Coulson teams up with Ghost Rider to stop the Watchdogs and runs into Quake. Together they try to find the Book of the Darkhold.

Shield Director Jeffery Mace admits to the public he is Inhuman. The spectral creatures kidnaps Robbie Reyes' uncle Eli Morrow to use the Darkhold to return them to normal. Mace discovers Coulson is harboring both Ghost Rider and Quake. The origin of how Robbie Reyes became the Ghost Rider reveals another Ghost Rider. After Eli Marrow gains powers using the Darkhold, Robbie Reyes and Shield stop him from blowing up half of Los Angeles.

Act 2 of Agents of Shield begins as Aida attempts to steal the Darkhold for Doctor Holden Radcliffe who created her. While his attempt fails, Radcliffe still has the life decoy model of Agent Melinda May in his corner. The LMD Agent May discovers who she is but is programmed not to tell anyone. Daniel Radcliffe is caught for programming Aida to steal the Darkhold however Agent Fitz discovers he is an LMD and the real Radcliffe is working with Senator Ellen Nader who plans on taking him to her superior. Radcliffe uses the LMD Agent May to retrieve the Darkhold. 

Senator Nadeer is killed when one of her former Henchmen undergoes Terrigenesis and becomes the Inhuman Nitro. Quake takes on Nitro while Jeffery Mace is captured and tortured. Shield heads towards Russia to rescue both Mace and May however Coulson and Mace return as LMDs. Jemma discovers Fitz is an LMD and Daisy helps defeat them with the help of the Agent May LMD who turns on the other LMDs including Coulson. Now Daisy and Jemma go into the framework to save their friends as Act 3 begins with Agents of Hydra.  

Daisy and Jemma discovers the framework consists of a world ruled by Hydra where Inhumans are rounded up and executed. Madame Hydra is Aida who has Fitz as her companion while Jeffery Mace leads a Shield. Daisy and Jemma round up the rest of the Shield Agents under Mace however Daisy gets captured by Fitz and Melinda May.  Jeffery Mace sacrifices himself for the team and Melinda May finally reunites under Coulson. The Agents leave the framework however Mac stays behind for his daughter while Aida created a human body and kidnaps Fitz. 

The Ghost Rider returns seeking to destroy Aida who is made of the Dark Matter energy from the Darkhold. Aida is destroyed by the Ghost Rider while the Shield Agents are captured and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.


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