Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Superman Reborn [2017]

Steel brings Lana Lang Superwoman to the Fortress of Solitude while Dr. Hank Henshaw tracks them down. Superman arrives at the secret fortress in the Himalayas to find Steel carrying an injured Lana Lang who is Superwoman. Superman believes he understands what is happening and takes her to this world’s Fortress of Solitude while being pursued by Hank Henshaw. 

The other Clark Kent asks Lois Lane out on a date and she accepts so she can find out who he really is. After being rejected by Lois, Clark follows her home to discover she has a family with a son and a man who looks like him. Elsewhere Henshaw’s discovers the fortress in the Himalayas however one of his man releases the doors to the prisons within releasing Blanque.

Someone escapes Mr. Oz’s prison while the false Clark Kent gives the Kents a photo album of memories of the Kents. Superman and Lois discover everything erasing around them and Jon with it. Now Superman is determined to find the false Clark and get Jon back.

Superman and Lois hunt down Clark Kent who may have kidnapped their son Jonathan. They discover it was Mr. Mxyzptlk who pretended to be Clark Kent to protect Superman’s secret identity. He erases the memory of Jonathan Kent from the mind of his mother Lois Lane. Mxyzptlk was imprisoned by Mr. Oz so he escaped by saying his name backwards and became Clark Kent by brain washing himself. 

Jon is rescued by the New 52 Clark and Lois Lane however they have no memory of their son. The blue essence which arrives are the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois who merges into the New 52 counterparts. The DC Universe is reborn again with aligned histories of Clark and Lois married with their son Jonathan. 


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