Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Incredible Hulks #612 [2010] by Greg Pak

After World War Hulks, the Hulk family will be facing the twin brother of Skaar, Hiro-Kala. We get start off the Dark Son story on two different planets: Earth and K’al.

On Earth Bruce Banner has some major relationship issues with Betty Ross and tries to work it out through their alter egos Hulk and Red She-Hulk. Meanwhile on the Planet K’al Hiro-Kala feeds on the Worldmind energies and the Worldmind retaliates by attacking with the War Mind, Ancient Warrior Spirits from K’ai’s bloodiest era.

Ever since Disney purchased Marvel Comics we have been constantly being bombarded with “event-driven” comic storylines. This year we started had Seige, World War Hulks, Shadowland, and the upcoming Chaos War. This issue was divided into two parts and felt more like a regular issue than part of another story. Would have been nice it was announced as a “Prelude” issue rather than part of a story to build towards the anticipation of the confrontation between the Hulk family and the Dark Son.