Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wolverine #1 [2010] by Jason Aaron

Pastor John Wraith from Wolverine’s Weapon X days counsels Logan about living himself. Three week later Wraith faces off against a demonic Wolverine and loses. Meanwhile Wolverine’s girlfriend is attacked by unknown assislants at the San Francisco Post. She is immediately rescued by Mystique who explains that Logan’s body and soul are in two different places. The second story involves the Silver Samurai as he faces his last stand against the Black Samurai. 

During the San Deigo Comic-Con, it was revealed that clues the status of Sabretooth will be found within the first issue. Writer Jason Aaron describes his opening Wolverine arc as Logan’s soul being ripped out of his body and his body is hijacked by a couple of joyriding demons. Aaron has also stated that the X-Men, Avengers, Mystique will be popping up soon as the supporting cast grows within his series.

Jason Aaron promised we get to see “Renato Guedes’ vision of hell” as well as a throwdown in issue #4, between demonically-possessed Wolverine and Colossus that promises to be a cornucopia of metal-on-metal ultra-violence.” This issue is almost as promised however it suffers what first issues usually suffer from: slowdown due to set-up. The various characters are established ground the foundation of the first story arc and the series.