Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Green Lantern #61 [2010] by Geoff Johns

The Butcher finds a host within a father who lost his daughter to a killer. Spectre and Atrocitus arrive to free the host and trap the Butcher. The host is freed from the Butcher once killer of the daughter dies and the father’s anger subsides. The Butcher tries to take Atrocitus as a host however is stopped by the Spectre and imprisoned within the red lantern. Spectre prepares to judge the father however Atrocitus asks to be judged first. Spectre realizes his mission is a holy one against Krona and leaves. Atrocitus leaves Earth with the Butcher. Geoff Johns has been building up to the finale of the New Guardians has the Entities are properly introduced with their hosts and the threat of Krona revealed. Next issue will reveal Krona’s intentions that will lead to the War of the Green Lanterns in March 2011.