Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wolverine #5 [2011] by Jason Aaron

Logan faces the first man he has ever killed his father. Meanwhile the fight begins to determine who will be the new ruler of Hell. Sabretooth manages to obtain the soulcutter before Wolverine intervenes and decapitates him with it. Now the demons accept Wolverine as the new ruler of Hell and his father encourages him that they will rule it together. Disgusted by the thought he throws the soulcutter away and exits Hell with Puck. However Puck gets suck back down the bowels of Hell while Wolverine attempts to escape. 

Back on Earth the Red Right Hand was responsible for sending Wolverine to Hell and now Hellstorm, Mystique, both Ghost Riders, and Wolverine’s girlfriend Melita bring his soul back to his demon-possessed body. Now Wolverine wants revenge against those who sent him to Hell but first he must go through the X-Men. Series writer Jason Aaron writes an intriguing Wolverine story that has yet to be completed so the arc has ended however the story continues into the next arc. The back-up story tells how Wolverine was sent to Hell and how Mystique was involved before Daken came along and changed her mind. Lots of unanswered questions which will need to be addressed as the series progresses forward.