Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood #1 [2011]

Last year the Heroic Age brought The Death of Dracula which organized the vampire race within the Marvel Universe. Writer Victor Gischler introduced various sects within the vampire race who are hungry for power leading to the invasion of the mutant island of Utopia in Curse of the Mutants. Gischler turned both Jubilee and Wolverine into vampires, resurrected Dracula, and reestablished his leadership over the vampire nation. Now Gischler along with artist Goran Parlov (Marvel Universe Vs. the Punisher) returns this year continuing the subplot of vampires with a one shot called The Throne of Blood.

Dracula tells the origin of Raizo Kodo who recently escaped the Klaw sect of the vampire nation. In Japan 1585 the duo brothers Ryuhei and Razio Kodo have been sent by their father to assassinate the enemy warlord Jakkaru. The warlord Jakkaru is revealed to be a vampire who bit Ryuhei. Razio beheads Jakkaru and heads home with the injured Ryuhei. Razio investigates the origins of Jakkaru which lead him back home to face his family of vampires. He is bitten by his beloved bride-to-be Suzume however kills everyone in his village including his vampire brother Ryuhei. Now Razio lives by his own code of honor and duty which he learned before being turned into a vampire.

Writer Victor Gischler is building his vampires within the Marvel Universe however the picture still remains unclear on where Razio Kodo will fit into it. However after reading both The Death of Dracula and X-Men: Curse of the Mutants, I have absolute faith in Victor Gischler to evolve the vampires of the Marvel Universe into a compelling and interesting story.