Sunday, November 24, 2013

TV Review: The Mentalist [2008-2013]

Patrick Jane is a consultant for the CBI where his motivation is to find Red John, who is responsible for the death of his wife and daughter. Now Patrick has narrowed Red John to 7 suspects:

Brett Stiles – Visualize Self-Realization Center Church Leader
Gale Bertram – CBI Director
Bob Kirkland – Homeland Security Agent
Ray Haffner – Private Detective
Reede Smith – FBI Agent
Thomas McAllister – Sheriff
Brett Partridge – Forensic Investigator
01 – Brett Partridge is killed removing him as a Red John suspect
02 – A software engineer is struck by a drone
03 – Jane investigates a murder with Sheriff McAllister a Red John suspect
04 – FBI Agent Reede Smith who apart of the Tyger Tyger Syndicate shoots Bob Kirkland
05 – Jane discovers Red John has a tattoo of 3 dots
06 – Jane lays a trap for Red John which ends with an explosion
07 - The explosion leaves only Bertram or Smith alive as Red John 
08 - Red John is revealed and Jane finally gets his revenge