Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wake by Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy TPB [2013-2014]

Dr. Archer is asked by Agent Cruz to investigate a strange sound coming from beneath of the ice in Alaska. Later she discovers a strange creature captured that looks like a Merman. The Merman frees himself while in the future the moon explodes. The Merman is communicating with its breed and calling them to descend on the underwater base. Dr. Archer turns on the drill to push the creatures back however a larger one is arrives to disable the rig. Now the creatures are planning on destroying the world. As the world ends, the story is flash forward to a new world in the aftermath of part one. Snyder really pulled it off by giving us an epic story spanning thousands of years. 

200 years following the first story arc, the world does not remember how the creatures reclaimed the world however Dr. Archer’s message reveals how to stop the creatures. Leeward is captured by the Arm which is a militant group set after the flood. She is taken aboard a ship which is destroyed by a giant Mer. The creature swallows Leeward however she finds people the outliers led by Captain St. Mary living inside it. Leeward teams up with them to find the origin of the message sent by Dr. Lee Archer. After arriving at their destination and finding nothing the Arms attack and Leeward is about to die until she sees Lee Archer. 

Archer reveals the story of what happened to them and how they are still alive 200 years later. Archer is on a ship that seeded Earth long ago. The Mers were the original inhabitants of Earth. After Batman: Zero Year, my faith in Scott Snyder has been decreasing while reading the second half of The Wake.

This paperback collects
The Wake #1-10