Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Armor Hunters [2014] by Robert Venditti | Doug Braithwaite

The Armor Hunters arrive on Earth and target the X-O armors within a Russian stronghold which were obtained during the battle with the Vine. Aric discovers the attack and meets with Malgam as the Armor Hunters make contact. They want the X-O armor and its host or else. As a demonstration the Armor Hunters destroy Mexico City. They plan on cleansing the planet with their hounds while Aric discovers the X-O armor is slowly replacing him like a cocoon.

The Armor Hunters attack all the places Aric and the armor have visited including Romania, Midwest America, and London. This war brings in the Unity team, the Harbingers, and Bloodshot. This war brings in the Unity team, the Harbingers, and Bloodshot. However the M.E.R.O. headquarters has fallen so they use Livewire in the X-O armor to bring the Armor Hunters headquarters down to Earth. Livewire brings down GIN-GR who continues their attack on the surface as Aric makes a decision to stop the Armor Hunters once and for all. Aric finally gets into the fight and the Unity team comes together to defeat the Armor Hunters. The aftermath of the Armor Hunters war exposes the Unity team to a brave new world. 

Overall the Valiant Universe has changed following the events of Armor HuntersIn Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1 M.E.R.O is gone and G.A.T.E. is its replacement as the world knows the existence of the Unity team. The remaining Armor Hunters are either on the run or held captive. Aric comes out publicly with the Unity team to the world.

This paperback collects
Armor Hunters #1-4
Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1