Thursday, September 25, 2014

E04: G.I. Joe #1 Karven Traviss | Star Trek #37 Q Gambit Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

IDW took over G.I. Joe after Devil’s Due and began publishing new G.I. Joe series in 2008. This is their fourth attempt to relaunch the franchise in six years. The first volume lasted 28 issues beginning in 2008. The second volume lasted 21 issues starting in 2011. The third volume lasted 15 issues in 2013 and was released the same year as the film sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The fourth volume begins this week with the Fall of G.I. Joe arc. Expect a new first issue of G.I. Joe when the third sequel of the film hits theaters in 2016.

Star Wars novelist and English writer Karen Traviss begins the Fall of G.I. Joe with her first issue which is heavily layered in dialogue than action for a G.I. Joe comic. Truthfully its refreshing considering most comics from the Big Two could be read under three minutes. The US Government thinks Cobra is back in the back after renouncing violence and not the G.I. Joe is obsolete.  The story takes place several years after the last series.

STAR TREK #37 continues the Q Gambit as Q takes the Enterprise into their own future.  Kirk meets Sisko who rescues him and brings back to Earth which is ruled by the Klingon. The Alpha Quadrant is divided between the Dominion and the Klingon Empire. Sisko explains to Kirk how the Klingons took over Earth. They meet with the Supreme Chancellor Worf who is later assassinated revealing the Dominion has taken over the Earth. However back on Bajor Spock and McCoy are introduced to Doctor Bashir who rescues them with the help of Qwark and Kira who are both with the resistance. Q’s motivation for bringing them into the future is still unclear however as the story progresses forward with three issues left we will find out whether this arc filled with memories is worth having.