Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse TPB [2014] by Dan Slott

Dan Slott is bringing multiple Spider-Men from various universes into the upcoming Spider-Verse story arc. Edge of Spider-Verse begins in Superior-Spiderman where Doc Ock travels into the future place during Superior Spider-Man #19. Doc Ock travels to the world of 2099 and builds a time portal to take him back. He discovers a world where Spider-Man is the fifth member of the Fantastic Four as well as the Indian Spider-Man. Doc Ock gathers other Spider-Men from other timelines. Doc Ock builds an army of Spider-Men to defend against an unknown clan of villains. 

The first part of Amazing Spider-Man #7 deals with a team-up between Spider-Man and the new Ms. Marvel. The second half of the issue sees Morlun deal with the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends universe where we get to witness the deaths of Iceman and Firestar. Billy Braddock is the Spider-UK of the Captain Britain Corps and he witnesses the slaughter by Morlun and his family. His adventures will continue is Spider-Verse

The first half of Amazing Spider-Man #8 sees Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel deal with an alien threat. The surprise comes when one of the henchmen is really Clayton Cole from Learning to Crawl series early this year. Peter offers him a job at his company Parker Industries. The second half of the book deals with Spider-Girl surviving against an attack as she loses both her parents. She rescues her little brother Ben Parker as the Spider-Men arrive to save her. She vows to kill and avenge her family. Her story will continue is November’s Spider-Verse event. The back of the book has a checklist of Spider-Verse and its tie-ins making it 20 books in all. 

This paperback collects
Superior Spider-Man #32-33
Amazing Spider-Man #7-8
Spider-Man 2099 #5