Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Superior Iron Man Vol.1: Infamous TPB [2014-2015] by Tom Taylor

Writer Tom Taylor of Injustice and Earth 2 takes on Marvel’s Superior Iron as Tony Stark makes an Extremis App available to the citizens of San Francisco. After Iron Man takes down Teen Abomination with the She-Hulk, some of the citizens of San Francisco become narcissistic and attack the homeless. Daredevil intervenes as the trial period for Extremis App is over. Tony Stark is now charging $100 for a daily renewal of the Extremis App. Realizing Tony has gone overboard, Pepper Potts has no choice but to seek the help of an individual wearing an older Iron Man armor. This issue is a great debut to the series as Tom Taylor really fleshes out the Tony Stark character. This is original Tony Stark character before becoming Iron Man in the 1960s. Now that arrogant personality is back and bringing with him the Superior Iron Man. 

Superior Iron Man #2 sees crime is running rampant in San Francisco as the Extremis App is only available for the privileged. Daredevil decides to visit Tony on Stark Island which was formerly Alcatraz. After throwing Daredevil off the top of Stark Island, Tony decides to make the Extremis App for free for those who are within 50 feet of him. The next day Tony is shot in the face by a father who overcame his addiction however his son succumbed to the Extremis App. Later Daredevil kidnaps Stark and uses an EMP pulse to disconnect him however his armor symbiotic biological technology so his plans failed. Tony takes down Daredevil and when he wakes up he can see. Writer Tom Taylor really pushes the series to new heights. 

Tony Stark gives Matt Murdock Extremis so he can temporary see in Superior Iron #3. Matt sees his friend Foggy before losing his sight again. Meanwhile Teen Abomination attacks Stark Island before Tony stops him and asks him what he wants. The Extremis app doesn’t work on him and wants to ask Tony for help. Pepper is working with another Iron Man however his purpose was built for another age and now needs to download everything to be complete. This is another great issue by Tom Taylor.

Daredevil discovers Stark’s secret concerning the Extremis App in Superior Iron Man #4. He discovers Extremis is a virus which Stark put in the water supply. People of San Francisco are paying for something they already have in their bodies. Now Stark erases the knowledge concerning the Extremis App inside Matt Murdock’s mind. This issue shows what level Stark will go through to protect his ideas.

The first arc of Superior Iron Man comes to a close as we learn the origin of Teen Abomination. His mother Katrina Carlson used to work at Stark Industries dealing with Gamma Rays until an accident occurred leading to her firing eight years ago. She died two weeks ago as Jamie became the Teen Abomination. Stark discovers the father of Jamie is Happy Hogan and agrees to sincerely help him. Tom Taylor does it again as the reader becomes fully invested in the story as a connection is made with one of Stark’s supporting characters.