Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Justice League Volume 7: The Amazo Virus [2014-2015] by Geoff Johns | Jason Fabok

Both Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne unite in a partnership between Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises. Meanwhile the Justice League plans to take Luthor down while Luthor introduces his sister Lena to Bruce. However Neutron is targeting Luthor and the explosion releases the Amazo Virus. In Justice League #36 the Amazo Virus is released and Metropolis is evacuated. Both Batman and Superman stop and contain the remaining citizens of Metropolis who has developed powers due to the Amazo Virus. Lex Luthor created the virus from the Amazo android who can mimic Metahuman powers. The virus was released due to someone targeting Luthor and that person still wants him dead. Luthor can cure the virus however he needs Patient Zero who runs into Batman and Superman. The key highlight of this issue is Wonder Woman who seems to be looking similar to her counterpart in the upcoming movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Justice League #37 continues with Batman and Superman tracking down Patient Zero of the Amazo Virus. They are quickly joined by Wonder Woman who helps take Patient Zero down so Batman can get a sample of his blood. However he is knocked out by Patient Zero and Batman becomes exposed to the Amazo Virus. Meanwhile Lex Luthor is targeted by another assassin: Bullet.
Batman is infected by the Amazo Virus and gains sonic screams like a bat in Justice League #38. Luthor reveals Superman’s blood might hold the clue to cure the virus since he infected him years ago. Before Luthor can work on the cure Batman attacks and the rest of the Justice League rises believing they are the dominant species. 

Justice League #39 begins with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor defending themselves against the infected league. Both Superman and Captain Cold freeze Patient Zero and a vaccine is made and distributed worldwide. Patient Zero is captured and it is revealed he is Amazo. The entire arc was an origin story for a well-known villain and writer Geoff Johns pulls it off beautifully.