Thursday, February 12, 2015

E65: Guardians of the Galaxy #24 Black Vortex | Amazing Spider-Man #14 Spider-Verse Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Guardians of the Galaxy #24 begins as Gamora submitted to the Black Vortex as she takes on the Slaughter Squad. Magik transports them away and decides what to do next. Beast also submits himself to the Black Vortex as the teams become more divided on what to do next. Gamora decides it’s best for all of them to submit to the Black Vortex and shows them their cosmic potential.

The final part of Spider-Verse begins in Amazing Spider-Man #14. We see the Spider-Men and women from the multiverse teaming up to stop the Inheritors. The Inheritors are exiled to the world where they found the Ben Parker Spider-Man. Superior Spider-Man seems to have killed the Master Weaver which may have unforeseen consequences revealed in the next issue. This is one of Dan Slott’s disappointing story arcs in the Spider-Man series. Basically a group of Spider-Men from the multiverse come together to take out a common threat with no real consequences for the villains except for them being stuck in another world. We still do not why the Inheritors need to feed on the Spider-Men or their origins. When a story misses the origin of the villains it doesn’t provide a threat to our heroes. However the story doesn’t end here we still have an epilogue next issue. A double-sized may have been appropriate for the finale as this issue falls flat.