Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Flash Season 2 [2016] Zoom

Six months after the Singularity nearly destroyed Central City, the Flash works alone to avoid his family and friends from getting hurt. Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm died by destroying the Singularity however a portal was open to Earth-2 and the Atom attempts to kill Barry. The Atom reveals he was sent by Zoom. Harrison Wells in a video statement reveals he killed Nora Allen and Barry’s father is released as Jay Garrick shows up.

Cisco discovers he has powers as the Flash family discover the existence of Earth-2. Harrison Wells arrives from Earth-2 after his daughter Jesse is kidnapped by Zoom. With the death of Ronny Raymond, Professor Stein needs to merge with another person to stabilize Firestorm and we are introduced to Jefferson Jackson.

Gorilla Grodd returns and the Family Family sends him to Gorilla City on Earth-2. Hawkgirl and Hawkman are introduced as they take on Vandal Savage with the help of both Green Arrow and the Flash. The Reverse-Flash returns while Jay Garrick introduces Hunter Zolomon who is the Jay Garrick of Earth-1.

The Flash Family head to Earth-2 to save Harrison Wells’ daughter Jesse from Zoom. They encounter Killer Frost and Deathstorm. They rescue Jesse however Jay Garrick dies at the hand of Zoom. Later it is revealed Zoom is Hunter Zolomon the Flash of Earth-2 and now the Flash Family knows too.

Hunter Zolomon
During the second midseason of the Flash we were introduced to Hunter Zolomon who was the Earth-1 doppelganger for Jay Garrick. Later Jay is killed by Zoom and he revealed himself as Hunter Zolomon. One of the major differences between the television series and comics is that Barry Allen is the first to encounter Zoom and not Wally West.

In the comics Hunter Zolomon is a profiler who was introduced to us by Geoff Johns during his tenure on the Flash. He first appeared in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3 as Hunter Zolomon before taking on the mantle of Zoom in The Flash #197. Zolomon’s back was fractured by Gorilla Grodd and he begged Wally West who was the Flash to go back in time and change events. Wally refused so Zolomon used the Cosmic Treadmill to go back himself however the Cosmic Treadmill blew up and he became Zoom. We also got a team-up between the Reverse-Flash and Zoom which will hopefully transition onto the Flash television series.

Versus Zoom
Barry decides he needs to get faster to beat Zoom so he time travels back in time and asks the Reverse-Flash for help before returning to the present. Cisco opens a portal to Earth 2 and Zoom returns to kidnap Wally West in exchange for Barry’s speed. Barry agrees and gives his Speed Force to Zoom. After losing his speed, Harrison Wells decides to recreate the particle accelerator accident to give back Barry his speed powers. Wells uses the particle accelerator but Barry gets trapped inside the Speed Force while the explosion affects both Jesse Wells and Wally West who are destined to become Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, respectively. In a Kevin Smith directed episode, Barry returns from the Speed Force to take down Zoom and his cult of super-villains. 

The Flash team uses Earth-2’s frequency to lock up all the Metahumans in Iron Heights. The Flash team uses Earth-2’s frequency to lock up all the Metahumans in Iron Heights. Zoom escapes to Earth-2 and returns to kill Henry Allen. The Flash team attempts to send Zoom back to Earth 2 for good but Joe West is sent along with him. 

Hunter Zolomon reveals that he captured Jay Garrick who looks like Henry Allen and has been impersonating him. We discover Earth-1 is the apex of the multiverse and Zoom wants to race the Flash to find out who is faster and destroy part of the multiverse. Barry makes a time remnant of himself to stop Zoom and save Joe at the same time. Barry's time remnant saves the multiverse. The Speed Force wraiths arrives and takes Zoom away. The real Jay Garrick is revealed to be from Earth-3 and Harrison Wells takes him back to Earth-2 so they can help him get home. The finale ends with Barry going back in time and killing the Reverse-Flash before killing his mother. The second season of the Flash created a larger universe for the character and the third season promises the revelations of why Barry stopped himself from saving his mother.