Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top DC Comics Picks - May 2016 Solicitations [Before REBIRTH]

While Marvel Studios releases Captain America: Civil War during the first week in May, DC Comics closes out multiple titles and prepares for June’s Rebirth relaunch. Many of the titles hit their 52nd and 12th final issues of their titles.

Justice League #51
During the Darkseid War, Lex Luthor had God-like powers which could lead to the The Super-Man title in July. The Superman was originally a bald telepathic villain which was first introduced in 1933. Geoff Johns wanted to bring legacy back to the DC universe by connecting the past and the present. This would be a great way to do it with Lex Luthor.

Action Comics #52
This issue is the first meeting between the New 52 Superman and the Post-Crisis Superman. Originally this story was supposed to be in Superman #50 however it got pushed into the Super League storyline running in the Superman books in April and May. The title will return to its original numbering in June as part of the Rebirth line.

DC Comics will release DC Universe: Rebirth #1 written by Geoff Johns before relaunching the Rebirth specials in June along with twice monthly shipping of various titles. Action Comics and Detective Comics which will also be shipping twice monthly will return to their original numbering. While at Marvel continues their 2006 sequel to Civil War, DC Comics plans to win market share with Rebirth demonstrating their effort to lead the comic industry to a new creative age.