Thursday, March 17, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Transformers Deviations #1 One-Shot [2016]

Transformers: Deviations is a What if? story which tells us a tale of a world in the multiverse where Optimus Prime did not die at the hands of Megatron in the Transformers The Movie back in 1986. In the movie Hot Rod interfered between the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron resulting in Prime dying and giving the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus. Later the Matrix is picked up by Hot Rod and he is transformed into Rodimus Prime.

The issue begins with the Decepticons attacking Fortress Maximus and Prime faces Megatron. Hot Rod is held down by Kupp so he does not interfere with the battle between Prime and Megatron. In this version Prime kills Megatron and the Decepticons retreat with their new leader Starscream. Later the Autobots head towards Cybertron’s moons lead by Prime and Ultra Magnus on separate ships.

During Starcream’s coronation, Unicron arrives to convince him to destroy the Matrix of Leadership. Starscream agrees to join Unicron in exchange for a new and stronger Decepticon body. Starscream becomes Megascream and attacks the autobots before retreating to deal with Unicron who attacked one of Cybertron’s moons. Ultra Magnus’ ship lands on Junkion and Prime and his crew search for them. Prime discovers the threat of Unicron however he becomes injuried while facing Megascream. The Matrix of Leadership falls upon Hot Rod and he destroys Megascream and Unicron. 

The Transformers one-shot is priced at $4.99 and reading it felt like watching another version of the movie. It was really engaging and brought back memories of the original movie. This is one of the most enjoyable Transformers books IDW Publishing has released. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum in the crowded comic market.