Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ninjak: Weaponeer [2015] Matt Kindt | Clay Mann

Ninjak #1 begins with him breaking out the genetically tailored Agent Roku who is the right-hand woman for Kannon from a Russian portable containment center. Ninjak needs to find out who are the Shadow Seven the leaders of an arms-making organization Weaponeer and Kannon is one of their leaders. Ninjak goes undercover as Henry Collins to infiltrate Kannon’s inner circle through a series of stress tests. Once apart of his inner circle Ninjak asks Kannon to make him a stealth jet.

Ninjak #2 Kannon puts Ninjak through a series of test to prove his loyalty. He later knocks Kannon out for 30 minutes as he pursues hacking his computer. However Ninjak runs to Roku and she throws him out the window.

Ninjak #3 He fights his way back before time runs out and Kannon wakes up. But his pursuits are too late as Kannon is informed by Roku of his identity.

Ninjak #4 We witness the origin of Roku as she passes through trials and ascends to the right-hand of Kannon. We witness Master Darque is somehow connected in all of this. The faces of the six other leaders of the Weaponeer are revealed. We also get to witness the origin of Kannon. 

Ninjak #5 Kannon decides to take on Ninjak and loses. Ninjak becomes one of the heads of the Weaponeer and plans on tracking down the other leaders. Now the Shadow Wars begins as Ninjak tracks down the leaders of the Weaponeer. The back up stories follow Colin King and his handler Angelina as they fall in love why agents pursue them. Angelina is killed and Colin meets his current handler Neville Alcott.