Monday, November 2, 2015

Gotham Season 2: Penguin targets Galvan

Several Arkham inmates escape with the help of an unknown benefactor Theo Galvan and cause havoc within Gotham including the death of Sarah Essen. Afterwards while Jerome and Barbara Kean kill the deputy mayor, Galvan murders Jerome to raise his profile while directly building the legacy of the Joker. 

Captain Nathaniel Barnes takes over the GCPD and Galvan runs for mayor while using the Penguin to eliminate the competition. Barnes targets the Penguin who is searching for his mother held captive by Galvan. Penguin learns the dark history of Gotham including the five families ruling it including the Elliots, Kanes, Crownes, Dumas, and WaynesThe Dumas left and established the Order of Saint Dumas which eventually leads to the rise of Azrael and changed their names to Galvan.

Gordon searches for Selina Kyle and Firefly who murdered a police officer and her brothers. They track her down however she burns herself while attacking the GCPD. She is taken to Indian Hill a division of Wayne Enterprises. 

Mommy’s Little Monster begins as the Penguin rescues his mother however it was a trap and he discovers Butch is no longer under his control. Galvan’s sister Tigress kills his mother and Penguin gets away after slashing Galvan. Now the GCPD is after the Penguin for the attempted murder of Galvan the newly elected Mayor of Gotham. 

James Gordon and Harvey Bullock track down Butch as Victor Zsasz arrives. Butch tells Gordon the connection between Galvan and the Penguin before Zsasz opens fire. Gordon and Bullock use Butch’s stash of weapons to defend themselves against him.

Now the Penguin targets Mayor Galvan at his victory celebration as the GCPD protect him.The Penguin is shot by the Tigress however he was a decoy of Penguins who are all heavily armed. Gordon gets Galvan out however runs into the Penguin who later gets away. Gordon reveals he knows Galvan killed the Penguin’s mother and he lets Galvan know that he is targeting him.

Other subplots include Galvan using Silver St. Cloud to control Bruce Wayne’s company and later dispose of him. Selina Kyle visits Bruce and meets Silver St. Cloud who threatens her. Bruce is currently loyal to both Galvan and St. Cloud who are becoming a surrogate family.

Edward Enigma searches for the body of his girlfriend who is hidden by his alter ego. He finds her hand but now has to locate her body which is at Leslie Tompkins lab.

Galvan reveals his ancestors were sword smiths and states good steel needs to be forged. In the comics Galvan’s family name Dumas is a part of the Order of St. Dumas. Their assassin is Azrael who played a part in the Sword of Azrael and Knightfall where Azrael becomes the new Batman after Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back in Batman #500. Another great episode tying into the Batman mythos.