Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6: PTSD Morgan meets Eastman

Following last week’s shocking episode where Glenn is assumed dead after being devoured by Walkers, this week we focus on Morgan Jones in the past and how he survived by burning Walkers and killing people who targeted him. He is captured and imprisoned in a cell while attempting to steal a goat. Morgan sees life is possible again through Eastman who is a forensic psychologist. We learn a psychotic killer Crighton Dallas Wilton murdered Eastman’s wife and children. He built a cell to hold him so he can watch him starve to death. Eastman teaches Morgan Aikido to redirect his life and accept the past. 

Early in the episode Morgan killed someone and that person became a Walker who returns and bites Eastman who was trying to protect Morgan. Later Morgan returns back to the house and finds a Walker consuming the goat. Upon burying the goat Morgan discovers that Eastman got closure for the death of his family as Crighton Dallas Wilton is buried in the cemetery. He leaves after burying Eastman and heads towards Terminus. In the present Morgan is having the same conversation with a Wolf as Eastman did with him in the past. However we discover the Wolf is more in line with Crighton Dallas Wilton than with Morgan.

The episode focuses on the transformation of Morgan and what it takes to hold himself down while the threat of the Wolves is growing. It also indirectly explores what the other characters on show are going through by giving it a name: PTSD. Another great episode which will build up to consequences as one of the Wolves is hidden in the Hen House of Alexandria.