Monday, November 2, 2015

Supergirl Season 1: What is Hellgrammite? Who is General Astra?

Stronger Together begins with Kara going through rigorous tests as she is recruited to become a DEO field operative. After the test she attempts to rescue an oil tanker from a raging fire however causes more damage to the marine wildlife. Kara discovers through Cat Grant she needs to start small to build her reputation with National City. With the help of her friends, she stops armed robbers, rescues an ambulance stuck in traffic, saves a couple trapped in a car, and gets a pet snake out from a tree. 

The villain this week is Hellgrammite who was one of the prisoners of Fort Rozz and is currently hungry for chlorine-based substance. He is confronted by other Kryptonian prisoners who want him as bait to lure Supergirl. The DEO steps up a trap for Hellgrammite however Alex is abducted and it taken back to Kara’s aunt General Astra the twin sister of Alura. Supergirl tracks her down and faces her Aunt as Alex takes on Hellgrammite. Hank Henshaw arrives and stabs Astra with a Kryptonite knife. 

Back at the DEO base, Alex offers Kara her own Fortress of Solitude to discover her lost Kryptonian ancestry. The episode ends with Cat Grant getting an interview with Supergirl. This is another great episode of Supergirl as she confronts both physical and psychological threats however we did not see Supergirl take down the Hellgrammite. 

We are also introduced to Maxwell Lord who makes an appearance by indicating how dangerous Supergirl is to National City. In the comics he formed the Justice League International in 1987’s Justice League #1. He later turns out to be a criminal mastermind who doesn’t trust superheroes.

Supergirl confronted Hank Henshaw and asked him about his family who he lost. Later he is seen with glowing red eyes. In the comics he was a member of the crew of the Space Shuttle Excalibur suffering from radiation exposure similar to the Fantastic Four in 1990’s Adventures of Superman #465. He loses his wife and later becomes the Cyborg Superman.