Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review | Uncanny X-Men #600 [2015] Brian Michael Bendis

Uncanny X-Men #600 ends Brian Michael Bendis’ story arc on the X-Men since he took over after Avengers Vs. X-Men in 2012. The milestone issue comes out the same time as Extraordinary X-Men #1 which takes place after Secret Wars while Uncanny X-Men #600 comes out before. The issue begins as the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning confronts Beast on his actions including time traveling in the past. Later Beast is visited by a mutant time traveler Eva Bell who reveals to him that a trial is coming so Beast leaves the school.

Other subplots include Colossus being reunited with his sister Magik, the younger Iceman confronts the older Iceman on his sexuality, and Jean Grey admitting her feelings for the young Hank McCoy. The issue ends with all the mutants rallying on the Washington Monument with Scott Summers speaking like Martin Luther King. The highlight was definitely the sexuality between the two Bobby Drakes from different timelines. Writer Brian Michael Bendis really pulled it together when explaining Iceman's sexuality and why they are two different people but the same. Overall the much delayed milestone issue was not worth the wait as the issue is completely undone with Extraordinary X-Men #1 where the mutants are divided and sterile.