Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review | Extraordinary X-Men #1 [2015] Jeff Lemire | Humberto Ramos

In the milestone Uncanny X-Men #600, the mutants are united at the Washington Monument. In this issue we have the polar opposite where Storm takes the mutants to safety to X-Haven with the help of Colossus' sister Magik. Storm recruits the Jean Grey revealing the Terrigen Mists are killing the mutants and making them sterile. Colossus is reunited with his sister Magik again following Uncanny X-Men #600. Nightcrawler is captured by unknown forces and Jean reveals Logan is back. Old Man Logan was showcased on the cover however he only appears at the end of the issue. The first issue is just the tip of the iceberg of what lies ahead however it doesn’t have a compelling story to drive the story forward. It feels like House of M all over again where there are NO MORE MUTANTS. The best stories of the X-Men are definitely behind them.