Thursday, November 5, 2015

Arrow Season 4: John Constantine returns White Canary's soul

In the past Oliver Queen meets John Constantine who is searching for Orb of Horus on the island. He retrieves it with the help of Oliver who saved his life in the process. In the present Sara escaped last episode and now targets women who looks like Thea. Sara finally arrives at her apartment then tracks Thea down at the hospital.

The Arrow team sets up a trap using Thea as bait to lure Sara. They capture her and Oliver plans on restoring her soul to her body. He calls on Constantine who he helped in the past to come to Star City to restore Sara’s soul. Constantine brings both Oliver and Laurel to the other side and fight for the soul of Sara. Oliver and Laurel pull Sara’s soul from the pit while Constantine fights the creature holding her there. They return as Sara’s soul is restored and Constantine warns Oliver to leave Star City because of Damien Darhk. 

Damien Darhk wants Captain Lance to erase some files on people who are all military including Diggle’s brother. Lance gives Diggle a file from Darhk revealing why HIVE wanted his brother killed. The finale reveals Felicity discovering Ray Palmer is still alive and is in trouble. The episode brings Constantine into the Arrow and Flash universe and slowly sets up Sara as the White Canary and the return of the Atom.