Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: What are Deadites?

Ash is searching for the phrase from the Book of the Dead to put the Evil Dead back in the bottle. He is ambushed by his former boss from Value Stop who is now a Deadite. Both Ash and Pablo track down Kelly who stole the book to help her family. All is well with Kelly’s family until Ash suspects her missing mother is a Deadite. Ash punches her mother who transforms into a Deadite and kills Kelly’s father. Ash takes on the Deadite who attempts to kill him. Pablo stabs her in the head and Ash stabs her with the chainsaw and cuts off her head. Now with Kelly’s parents dead, the three of them are off to find the phrase to return the Evil Dead back. Meanwhile Amanda Fisher is tracking down Ash who is somehow responsible for the death of her partner. She heads to the Book from Beyond store to track Ash down. Mimi Rogers stars as Kelly’s mother and did her own stunts as a Deadite.