Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review | Batman: Dark Knight III: The Master Race [2016] Frank Miller

The Master Race starts with the return of Batman as Commissioner Yindel tracks him down. Yindel replaced Commissioner Gordon during the original Dark Knight Returns. Now she and the GCPD are tracking down the Batman until they corner him. They beat him senseless until Yindel removes his mask only to find Carrie Kelly has assumed the role of Batman and reveals Bruce Wayne is dead.

We also see Lara the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman visit the Fortress of Solitude to visit her father who is imprisoned in ice. She discovers the city of Kandor is calling out for help. Later in the mini comic Lara brings the city to Atom claiming the citizens of Kandor want to return to their original size. We also discover Lara has a brother named Jonathan who is named after the adopted father of Clark Kent.

Overall the story is intriguing and the Master Race could be the Kryptonians from Kandor. Superman will return within the series to aid Batman with the Master Race whoever they may turn out to be. The only complaint is that the Dark Knight: Master Race comes in two forms the first includes a mini comic costing $48 USD for the entire series. The other is an oversized edition retailing $104 USD for the entire set. The best form would be the trade retailing at $30 USD which is cheaper and practical than the individual and oversized issues but you will have to wait until September of 2016.