Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6: Who is Negan? What is Glenn's Ultimate Fate?

We discovered Glenn is still alive after hiding under a dumpster during season six of The Walking Dead. But how long will he survive? During the prologue for the second half of season six, we discover Abraham, Sasha, Daryl are confronted by the Saviors who belong to Negan. In the comics Negan was introduced at the milestone hundredth issue after Rick survived the Walker invasion on AlexandriaAfter Abraham is randomly killed, Rick retaliates by killing several members of the Saviors.

Later the Saviors and Negan surround Rick and his friends and they want him to pay for the death of several of his men. Negan plays a game to choose which of Rick’s people will suffer the consequences. Ultimately Glenn is chosen and he is beaten to death by Negan who caves his head in until it bursts like a Halloween pumpkin. The events take place between issues 97 and 102 of the Walking Dead comics and it is collected in the seventeenth volume of the Walking Dead: Something to Fear trade paperback.