Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top Marvel Comics Picks - May 2016 Solicitations

Marvel Comics has a big month in May with the film release of 
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR as well as the comic release of CIVIL WAR II.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1
Punisher #1
Thunderbolts #1
Nighthawk #1

After Avengers Standoff, Steve Rogers is back with a new first issue and taking on Hydra again. A new and unfamiliar villain would have been nice because it gives the series a surprise and a fresh starting point. We have seen the Steve Rogers take on Hydra before so investing on something we have seen before seems mute especially for five bucks. What we have is Steve Rogers with a new uniform and shield fighting old villains. For those keeping count this will be the tenth volume including the two volumes starring Sam Wilson as Captain America.

After his appearance in the second season of Daredevil, the Punisher is back which marks the eleventh volume of the series. The solicitation reveals Frank Castle loses control but when was he ever in control? We have a mysterious solicitation involving the Punisher facing the heart of darkness with a female DEA agent. Remember the Hearts of Darkness one shot where the Punisher teamed up with Ghost Rider and Wolverine in 1991. Seems like everything that is old is new again. During the first issue of Secret Wars, the Punisher took out various villains in a bar and it would have been great if we followed up on that moment.

After Avengers Standoff, the new Thunderbolts are led by Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. We know the team consists of individuals who were trapped by SHIELD in Pleasant Hill a place for super villain incarnations. This is the third volume of the Thunderbolts series. After the first volume ended with issue 190 we never got a 200th issue with the second volume which lasted 32 issues. There is not much excitement for the release of this series since there are so many other worthwhile titles to choose from for $3.99.

Just like the new Hyperion series, another Squadron Supreme character gets a solo title with Nighthawk. I believe these two solo titles takes away from James Robinson’s Squadron Supreme. This is not like Miles Morales Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel having solo titles and then also being in the Mark Waid’s Avengers. Those two characters have a large fan base to expand upon. Squadron Supreme is a new ongoing title which has not established a large audience to expand solo titles in the first place.  

All-New, All-Different Avengers #9 features the all-new Wasp
Agents of Shield #5 features the first comic appearance of Grant Ward
Uncanny Avengers #9 is the return of Ultron after the events of the Rage of Ultron in 2015.

Other comic related news includes DC Comics following their 2011 New 52 with Rebirth this June as well as dropping their comic prices to $2.99. Marvel Comics will be facing a few months of losing market share as DC pushes their Rebirth titles. Marvel will most likely keep to their current publishing schedule until after Civil War II is completed.

In response to the price drop during the upcoming Rebirth line, Marvel Comics quickly revived Timely Comics using Steve Rogers shield to bring a more current and contemporary banner. The Timely Comics plans to reprint the first three issues of various Post-Secret War titles for $3.00 instead of going to second printing on the titles. This will really bring in new readers as well as old one to try titles they are hesitant to spend on before. We will definitely have an interesting 2017 publishing schedule from Marvel as it competes with DC Comics Rebirth.