Thursday, March 31, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Batman and Robin Eternal Volume 2 [2016] Scott Snyder

Batman and Robin have been tracking down the Scarecrow who has been working with Mother developing Trauma Toxin. Mother wants to shape a generation of children for her own purposes. Batman wants to use the Scarecrow to get to Mother. Mother is working with the Order of St. Dumas to finish their Ichthys formula which is the Trauma Toxin. The formula makes the subject relive the worst moments of his life and change it so they triumph from it so they become immune to fear.

Mother has set off a nuclear bomb trapping Grayson, Cassandra, Blue Bird, and Cain. They manage to escape before the bomb detonated. Timothy Drake offers Jason Todd as an offering to join the Order of St. Dumas. Red Robin deals with St. Dumas and Azrael who was purchased from Mother. Azrael breaks his conditioning and frees himself. Red Robin and Red Hood discover that Mother’s children are victims on conditioning which can be broken.

The Orphan reveals Cassandra murdered Harper Row’s parents so she can be the next Robin. Cain escapes with Cassandra and Harper Row as prisoners and takes them to Mother. Mother kills the Orphan and prepares for the Ichthys formula to infect the world. The Red Hood kidnaps Scarecrow to undo what Mother is planning. Mother believes people need to be pushed through the pain. The Batman family stops Mother however it was David Cain who returns to kill her. Cassandra Cain assumes her father’s mantle as the new Orphan.

Overall the Batman and Robin Eternal was a 26-issue story which should have ended with 12. Most of the books were rehash and summaries prolonging the story instead of progressing the plot forward.