Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol.1: Berzerker [2016]

Old Man Logan was first introduced by Mark Millar in 2008. After the death of Wolverine in 2014, Marvel brought back Old Man Logan during Secret Wars and has reestablished him in the proper Marvel Universe. Now Logan has arrived in Marvel Universe years before the events in his series. He makes a list of people to kill to prevent the massacre which will occur in the future. Writer Jeff Lemire kicks off the new series by bringing back what Wolverine is known for: Killing. 

Logan hunts the Hulk who happens to be Amadeus Cho then finds the only person who helped him during the Old Man Logan story arc – Hawkeye. Instead of Clint Barton Logan meets Kate Bishop who is house-sitting. Together they hunt down Mysterio however find two thugs instead and Kate prevent Logan from killing them. Later Logan walks away only to encounter Steve Rogers who is currently de-aged. Steve takes him to Alberta where in this timeline Logan died and Steve discovers what Old Man Logan has been through and how he got to this Earth and time. Logan accepts his past has changed and later encounters the Extraordinary X-Men led by Storm.

Continuity matters to Jeff Lemire as the story arc takes place before Extraordinary X-Men. The first arc brought closure for Old Man Logan before moving on to current stories. Other writers would have milked his past story by Mark Millar for all its worth however Jeff Lemire did the opposite and brought Old Man Logan to the present.