Thursday, March 17, 2016

Devil Comics Review | International Iron Man #1 [2016] Brian Michael Bendis

Following the release of the Post-Secret Wars Invincible Iron Man title, a second series was teased as Doctor Doom becomes a supporting character in that first issue. Now both those characters are working together to discover a Marvel Universe that they didn’t know existed before. Creators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev worked together on the Daredevil series which began with writer Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada. Now they are back together again on the International Iron Man exploring the real parents of Tony Stark, which began with the Secret Origin of Tony Stark by Kieron Gillen.

The issue takes place in the present before flashbacking to 20 years prior when Tony Stark when met Cassandra. Both of their parents run rival businesses in selling arms. While Tony is invited to dinner with her family, Hydra targets her parents for betraying them for selling weapons to their enemies. We then flash forward to the present where Cassandra is over a fallen Iron Man.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis always starts with a slow burn before picking later in the story arc. Overall nothing really is expected within the first issue which justifies a second Iron Man title and we do not know why the book is titled the International Iron Man.