Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Arrow Season 4 [2016] Damien Darhk

The season begins with a mysterious funeral which was the result of the feud between Oliver Queen and Damien Darhk. Oliver returns as the Green Arrow to stop Darhk who is terrorizing Star City. Darkh is taking down anyone who wants to be Mayor of Star City so Oliver runs to take down Darkh in the light of day. Darkh targets Felicity who is shot and paralyzed as Oliver discovers Darkh’s wife Ruve Adams is running for Mayor of Star City. Felicity becomes Overwatch because the name Oracle was taken.

Nyssa wants to take down Malcolm Merlyn so she agrees to challenge him to control the League of Assassins. However Oliver takes her place and cuts off his hand and gives control of the League of Assassins to Nyssa. Malcolm wants revenge on Oliver for his loss so he gives Darkh the identity of his secret son William.

Darkh kidnaps William so Oliver uses Vixen to track him down. Darkh wants Oliver’s resignation and his support for his wife Ruve Adams. They rescue William and Darhk is left powerless. Darkh get his revenge on killing Laurel. She is buried and her identity as the Black Canary is revealed to the public by Oliver to maintain her legacy. 

Team Arrow discovers Damien Darhk's plans called Genesis which involves stealing nuclear launch codes and triggering a global holocaust to reset the world. Felicity teams up with her father the Calculator to prevent Darhk from obtaining the codes however one nuclear device is launched and it has killed tens of thousands. The finale sees the Arrow team take the fight to Darhk with an anti-climatic fashion compared to the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow finales.