Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Superman [2016] The Final Days of Superman

Hype Following the year-long Truth storyline, Superman is back in his suit and discovers he needs to recruit superheroes to save the world in his absence. Writer Peter Tomasi begins an 8-part storyline which leads into Rebirth.

Rehash The issue begins with Superman finding out he is dying after the events of the Darkseid War, Savage Dawn, and JLA. However Superman continues to save lives as he grows sicker. He meets his childhood sweetheart Lana Lang and Lois Lane to reveal his final days as Superman. 

Superman asks Batman to find Supergirl who is in National City attempting to reboot her powers with the help of Cameron Chase and the DEO. Superman reveals to both of them that he is dying and these will be his final days. Superman and Batman deal with Chinese Zodiac Dragons and someone claiming to be Clark Kent causes havoc at the Daily Planet. Later Superman hands Supergirl the keys to the Fortress of Solitude as Wonder Woman arrives.

Both Superman and Wonder Woman head to ARGUS where they find a fake Superman powered by his solar flare he used on Ulysses. Superman speaks with Ulysses as the fake Superman breaks out causing power failures which Ulysses uses to break free. Steve Trevor restores power but the fake Superman escapes. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman track him to China where they face the Great Ten. After their battle, they are taken to Doctor Omen who made a Super-Man of her own. Meanwhile the Solar Superman visits Lois Lane and the New 52 Superman meets the Pre-Flashpoint Superman. We discover the Solar Superman is a prisoner named Denny Swan. The New 52 Superman sacrifices himself to save his friends paving the way for the Post-Crisis Superman to assume the role. 

Feedback The title is called the Final Days of Superman which seems to mirror Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. We know the Pre-Flashpoint Superman will be the prime Superman after Rebirth however what we do not know is the final fate of the New 52 Superman. He may die at the end of Super League, DC Universe: Rebirth, or he may lose his powers completely and remain as a powerless Clark Kent. Writer Peter Tomasi is taking over Superman and it seems since the New 52 began that the franchise is in good hands. He took what has happened to the New 52 Superman and brought all those stories forward to create a compelling character within him.