Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Batman [2016] I Am Gotham

A new hero named Gotham works with the Dark Knight to get to the bottom of the mysterious attacks against the city. The story arc begins as terrorist take down a plane over Gotham. Batman rushes to save the plane and his city by using every means available to him. He turns a commercial jetliner into the new Batplane and steers into the harbor knowing he will sacrifice himself. At the last moment, the plane and Batman is saved by Gotham and Gotham Girl. Writer Tom King writes a superb first issue giving Batman the action and drama he deserves in his own series.

Gotham and Gotham Girl take on Solomon Grundy as Batman assists them. The person who freed Grundy arrives at Comissioner Gordon’s office to confess and says the Monster Men are coming. Elsewhere Hugo Strange is working with Amanda Waller to save Gotham.

Years ago Batman saved the Clover family from a mugging, the children Hank and Claire were inspired to become Gotham and Gotham Girl. Now both of them save people on a bridge while Batman investigates the random bombings. Gotham and Gotham Girl approach another explosion which rocks a building however faces Professor Hugo Strange and the Psycho Pirate who can manipulate their emotions. 

Batman confronts Gotham on the death of twenty-seven men while Gotham Girl is at the Batcave. He is lead to Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad and discovers Hugo Strange has betrayed them. Gotham discovers the death of his parents by the hands of Amanda Waller and he decides its best to destroy Gotham City. 

Batman assembles the Justice League to stop Gotham however they all fail. Now Batman needs to find Gotham's weakness which brings Gotham Girl to stop him. Gotham is killed and we get a brief dialogue of Gotham Girl's future revealing her being married to Duke Thomas and she kills Batman. The battle between the Justice League and Gotham is extremely short where we do not know how he defeated two Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, and Superman except for a beat down. We do not know the identity of the person who gave Gotham and Gotham Girl their powers however it will play later in the story as we approach issue twenty-five. The epilogue issue show Batman meeting Amanda Waller and discovering Hugo Strange caused a series of disasters to control the Psycho-Pirate then exchange him for Venom from Bane. Now Batman needs to build his own Suicide Squad and break the Psycho-Pirate away from Bane to save Gotham Girl. 


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