Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Aquaman [2016] The Drowning

Following Rebirth, Aquaman has brought his people into the global community while dealing with xenophobic terrorists from Atlantis. He begins by welcoming people to the Atlantean Embassy. Black Manta disguised as a Daily Planet reporter plants bombs within the embassy to target Mera. Manta gets his revenge on Aquaman who killed his father by destroying the Atlantean Embassy. The battle between them ends when Aquaman offers Manta a chance to kill him. Manta surrenders to the authorities however is later freed by unknown assailants.

The US Government shuts down Atlantean Embassy due to the terrorist attacks led by Black Manta. Aquaman goes to the White House to meet the President in order to open the Atlantean Embassy however is blamed for the most recent terrorist attack onboard a US Navy ship. Elsewhere Black Manta meets NEMO who plans to take him to their leader. 

Tensions rises on both sides as Aquaman is imprisoned after the destruction of a US Navy ship. Mera stages a jailbreak as war breaks out between Atlanteans and the Americans. Atlantis discovers the Americans have been ordered to kill Aquaman and Mera and decide to intervene by mobilizing their fleet. Black Manta meets the Fisher King while the White House make a call to bring in Superman to speak to Aquaman. Superman asks Aquaman to fix the situation other consequences will erupt while Black Manta takes over NEMO. 


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