Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Civil War II #1 [2016] Brian Michael Bendis

Hype During FCBD Civil War II, She-Hulk took a missile to the chest while War Machine was beaten by Thanos. The zero issue begins before the events of the FCDB with the She-Hulk in the court room and James Rhodes being asked by the President to become his next Secretary of State and eventually become President. We also witness Ulysses being affected by the Terrigen Mist and as the issue ends he sees a vision of a major city destroyed. The theme of Civil War II deals with our own prejudices we have with people and how they behave. Do we judge them before they commit a crime or afterwards? Writer Brian Michael Bendis brings a strong opening issue dealing with the ideal of challenging our own prejudices. 

Rehash The series begins as the Avengers and Inhumans take on a Celestial with the help of Doctor Strange and his Sorcerers. Afterwards they are introduced to Ulysses who saw the future and warned them about the incoming Celestial. A debate rages between Captain Marvel and Tony Stark about the ethics of rushing to judgments before the events happen. The events for FCBD happens were the War Machine meets his end against Thanos. Stark discovers the Ultimates ambushed Thanos and it resulted with the loss of James Rhodes. 

Feedback The issue relies heavily on the FCBD book which plays apart in the middle of the issue. Overall it is a strong start however the five dollar price tag is a turn off for most customers who want to read the series.