Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Karnak [2016] The Flaw In All Things

Karnak resides in the Tower of Wisdom where he teaches his disciplines. SHIELD asks him to meet with parents whose son underwent the Terrigen transformation and has gone missing. Karnak agrees to bring the boy to the Tower of Wisdom and release him when he is fit. Agent Phil Coulson tells Karnak who has the Inhuman boy and to retrieve him because it would be illegal for SHIELD to do anything. Karnak heads to the International Data Integration and Control cell which is a dark science organization in Berlin. Karnak discovers the Inhuman boy is worshipped as a messiah and he heads towards the Chapel of the Single Shadow. Karnak finally meets Adam Roderick and orders SHIELD to tear the Chapel of the Single Shadow apart. Karnak decides after interrogating a prisoner from the Chapel that the Inhuman boy must die. He finally faces him and takes away his mental abilities and returns him to his parents. Later Karnak thinks about his actions. He has won and lost at the same time. 


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