Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Superwoman [2016] Who Killed Superwoman?

Following The Final Days of Superman both Lois Lane and Lana Lang have inherited different powers from the New 52 Man of Steel. Lois Lane has his strength while Lana Lang has his ability to store solar energy. When Lex Luthor’s new aircraft carrier goes haywire, both Superwoman team up to stop the catastrophe and investigate what happened. Inside they find a Bizarro Superwoman who has apparently turned Lois Lane into dust. 

Elsewhere Steel and Superwoman deal with the Atomic Skull who claims to be tortured while in prison when Lex Luthor took over. The person behind everything is Lena Luthor who assembled her Bizarress army to hunt down Superwoman and imprisoned her brother Lex. Lena Luthor is seeking revenge on her brother Lex and she becomes the new Ultrawoman and her Bizarro are spliced from her DNA as well as the Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman. 

Lana plans to take a job at the Daily Star as the Atomic Skull reveals prison abuses at Stryker’s after Lexguard took over. Both Superwoman and the Atomic Skull restart the electrical grid to the city. 

While being imprisoned by his sister Lena, Lex Luthor finds the Kryptonite Man is imprisoned with him. Traci 13 arrives and informs Lana and John Henry Metropolis is in danger from Lena who is now Ultrawoman and only Superwoman can stop her. Ultrawoman is using the Gestalt ship to take over Metropolis and she uses her Bizarros to find Superwoman. The Bizarros attack her however one of them saves Superwoman and brings her to Steel. The Bizarro who saved her is the original Superwoman from Earth 3. The Bizarro Superwoman reveals Lena’s plan to take the Gestalt ship into the Phantom Zone. 

Superwoman believes finding Lex Luthor is the key to stopping his sister. She finds him with the help of the Bizarro Superwoman. Superwoman discovers Lex Luthor is responsible for Lena becoming Ultrawoman. Superwoman stops Ultrawoman however may suffer the same fate as the Lois Lane Superwoman.


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