Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Devil Comics Review | The Astonishing Ant-Man [2016] The Trial of Ant-Man

Scott Lang is taken to jail after rescuing his daughter from Darren Cross. He hires She-Hulk to represent him in court while his daughter Cassie kidnaps the Power Broker and Cross investigates his lab with the help of Egghead becomes the new Yellowjacket. Janice Lincoln AKA the Beetle becomes the prosecuting attorney in Lang's case while the She-Hulk defends him. Janice promises to throw the case if Scott can get her Pym Particles from his suit during the trial. Scott puts on the suit however Pym's lab is inside his helmet so Crossfire, Egghead, and Yellowjacket pop out. But Hank has his friends in the court room including his daughter Cassie, She-Hulk, and Darla. Cassie saves his father by taking away Cross' Pym Particles which power his Yellowjacket suit. Scott is freed and reunites with his daughter Stinger to go out and fight crime together as long as she is back by eleven. The thirteen issue series was very well thought out and enjoyable thanks to the mind of Nick Spencer. 


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