Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Devil Comics Review | Superman – Action Comics [2016] Path of Doom

Action Comics returns to its original numbering after five years of the New 52. Geoff Johns has a plan where all the Rebirth stories line up to end around August 2018 when Action Comics #1000 is release. Writer Dan Jurgens takes over the title showcasing Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and a new Clark Kent in the first arc. 

Rehash Lex Luthor uses his armored suit with the Superman symbol to rescue hostages in Metropolis and declares himself as the new Superman. The Post-Crisis Clark Kent once again dons his Superman suit and heads towards Metropolis to confront Luthor. They both battle for Metropolis until Clark Kent arrives along with Doomsday. During the battle with Doomsday, Superman meets Clark and a gas explosion destroys part of Metropolis. Doomsday rises from the ashes and targets Clark.

Wonder Woman saves Clark while Superman takes on Doomsday who senses Jonathan Kent. Doomsday retreats to find Jonathan while Superman and Wonder Woman figure out where he went until they realize he can sense Kryptonians. Together they find Lois and Jonathan but Doomsday has also arrived. 

Superman take on Doomsday while Wonder Woman take Lois and Jonathan to the Watchtower in space. Mr. Oz sends in Black Zero to take care of Doomsday however they fail and Superman takes Doomsday to his Fortress of Solitude in the United States. He transports Doomsday into the Phantom Zone but Mr. Oz intercepts him and holds him for his own purposes.

Feedback Writer Dan Jurgens who killed Superman back in 1992 returns to give us the classic Superman we all know and love. The Path of Doom story arc brought back what was missing in the New 52 Superman. 


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