Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Devil Comics Review | 4001 AD [2016]

The story follows the first twelve issues of the Rai series. New Japan is infected by a virus and Father is dropping sectors towards Earth to get rid of it. On Earth Rai and the Eternal Warrior use a giant X-O Manowar to get to New Japan and stop Father who transforms New Japan into a mechanical dragon to stop Rai. However Rai arrives on New Japan with the Eternal Warrior in tow. On New Japan the Geomancer and Lula decide to free the inmates within the prison so they can go up against Father and aid Rai and the Eternal Warrior. The overwhelming force allows Rai to face Father and defeat him but with the cost of New Japan falling apart towards Earth. Rai eventually defeats Father and New Japan is now on Earth. 

When you have a title called 4001 AD the audience is aware by the end it will move forward to the next year. The title like Green Lantern would eventually have other color rings however the writer Geoff Johns tied the story to the mythology of the character. There is no mythology or history to Rai which is prominent to the character. The tie-ins add backstory however it is only limited to its own continuity and does not tie directly into the 4001 AD series. 


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