Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Green Lanterns [2017] The Phantom Lantern

The Phantom Ring which would accept any bearer was created by the Guardian Rami on Oa. Rami tried to destroy the Phantom Ring so he could return to the Guardians of the Universe. Green Lantern Simon Baz keeps the Phantom Ring safe however the ring is targeted by someone searching for its powers.

Pilot Frank Laminski wanted to become a Green Lantern after being rescued by Hal Jordan. The ring came to him however it went to Simon Baz. Frank lost all sense of purpose until the Volthoom the First Lantern appeared and offered him to help find the Phantom Ring a ring that doesn’t choose its bearer. Frank steals the Phantom Ring which makes him become any Lantern he needs and kidnaps the Guardian Rami. Green Lanterns Baz and Jessica track down Frank however his Phantom Ring changes him from a Green Lantern to an Orange Lantern. Both Jessica and Baz track the Phantom Lantern Frank Laminski who uses their own fears against them.

Ten billion years ago when Volthoom the First Lantern ran amok, the Guardians of the Universe released the Green Lantern rings upon the universe. Now Volthoom blames Rami for putting a battery within him. The Phantom Ring uses the body of its host as a battery. 

Frank becomes a member of the Indigo Tribe and feels compassion who the victims he tormented so he takes off his Phantom ring. Jessica puts it on which leads the Phantom ring to her strongest emotion which is will the power of the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardian Rami imprisons Volthoom the First Lantern in an energy sphere however it is Guardian who is imprisoned while Volthoom is in his Rami's body. 


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