Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Batman / Flash: The Button

Hype Following DC Rebirth, Batman finds the Watchmen Button within the Batcave. Now the search begins to discover where the Button came from with the help from the Flash. The story brings back the Reverse Flash who remembers the events from Flashpoint, the Thomas Wayne Batman, and the return of Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash.

Rehash After obtaining the Psycho Pirate’s mask from Bane, the mask and the Button interact with one another attracting the Reverse Flash who beats Batman down. The Reverse Flash takes the Button and disappears then reappears after seeing the face of God. He is reduced to bones as the Flash arrives to discover a defeated Batman and the death of the Reverse Flash.

Both Batman and the Flash use the Cosmic Treadmill and discover past lives and end up in the Flashpoint Universe with Thomas Wayne. We discovered the Flashpoint Universe continued after Flash travelled to the New 52. The Batmen and the Flash team up and stop the soldiers from Atlantis and Themyscira. The Flashpoint Universe collapses as Batman and the Flash use the Cosmic Treadmill and escape into the timestream. They find the Reverse Flash with the Button before his death claiming he knows who the Button belongs to. The Reverse Flash confronts Dr. Manhattan and is killed as Jay Garrick rescues both Batman and the Flash who still does not know who is Jay Garrick. 

Feedback Anticipation has been building up with this event however little answers are provided as the series comes to a close. The visitation to the Flashpoint Universe is one of the highlights of the Button where we see both Thomas and his son interact with one another. Thomas tells his son let the Batman die and become a father like he never was. The emotional impact gives the series weight as it heads towards the conclusion. The story leads to Doomsday Clock available in November 2017.